To ensure the safety of driving
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The car foot pad has the functions of waterproof, antiskid, heat insulation, sound insulation and dust prevention. It can protect the car glue, anti-skid, so that the foot is more comfortable to drive, more relaxed; temperature, can be warm in winter and cool in summer; beautiful, with beautification of the interior. There are many kinds of car floor mats, different materials, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, it is important to choose a suitable one

Leather material: leather all around footmats are the choice of many car owners. They have various shapes and colors, and look high-grade. There is a special grain layer on the surface, which is anti-skid and wear-resistant. Of course, the overall price is also on the high side.

Plastic material: plastic foot pads are made of a variety of materials by using glue. Although the price is cheap and easy to clean, the glue contains harmful ingredients to human body. Inferior products will give off bad smell, and it is easy to open the glue in summer.

Rubber material: the rubber foot pad is produced by injection molding or injection molding. The overall style is better than that of plastic material, and the modeling is also diverse. Similar to plastic material, it is also easy to clean and deform, and inferior products also have bad smell.

Silk ring material: this kind of foot pad has the best ability to hide dirt. The design of the silk structure allows it to hide dust, and it is also very convenient to clean. It is suitable for all kinds of car environment. Of course, the disadvantage is that it must be cleaned frequently.

Flax material: Flax foot pad is relatively cheap, the price is more than ten pieces to more than one hundred pieces. Although this kind of foot pad is cheap, it is easy to deform and fluff after cleaning, which will affect the comfort.

Pay attention to the selection of car floor mats

Different models have different shapes of floor. Besides waterproof and dustproof, the most important purchase standard of floor mats is the fit degree. Starting from the model, it is suggested to choose the special type of floor mats for special vehicles, and install the suitable ones.

The second is to choose from the material. The floor mats described above have their own characteristics. You can choose different floor mats for replacement according to the season and purpose.

The third is the function. Some models have fixed bolts on the floor. For those models without fixed bolts, you should choose non slip particles on the back or foot mats with Velcro. The thicker the foot pad, the better. If the foot pad is too thick, it is easy to jam the accelerator and clutch. The most reasonable thickness of the car foot pad is 15mm to 20mm.

Conclusion: the choice of car floor mats should not be optional. In addition to considering the dust-proof and water-proof function, we should also consider whether it matches the model and whether it will affect the driving safety. Finally, remember not to buy inferior products at a low price, which is not good for the car and the driver.

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